Support an independent, socialist and grassroots campaign!

The Cathy Rojas for Mayor campaign believes in the power of the people. We also believe that when we fight, we can win. Volunteer activists and organizers staff the Rojas campaign -- people who have a track record fighting to build a better NYC where our interests are prioritized instead of the interests of the greedy. Cathy Rojas, herself, along with the Party for Socialism and Liberation has consistently organized with New Yorkers for over a decade on a wide array of issues, unlike many other mayoral candidates. Rojas is fighting for a socialist platform that has outlined a realistic way the city resources can be used to meet the needs of New Yorkers by providing jobs and small business relief, defunding the police, upgrading and protecting NYCHA, fighting for full rights for immigrants, creating truly affordable housing and much more. Our volunteers are committed to building a New York where everyone has access to housing, employment, quality education, health care, and building a safe NYC where people can live free from police brutality and harassment. Another New York is possible with your help. Volunteer to rebuild and transform New York.