High Covid deaths in NYCHA housing due to negligence

Recent numbers have shown that NYCHA residents with COVID-19 died at nearly double the amount of the wider New York City population. The number of overall COVID-19 cases was on par with the rest of the city, showing that NYCHA residents are at a disproportionate risk of dying of COVID-19. Cathy Rojas, the socialist candidate for Mayor with the Party for Socialism and Liberation, says “This is due to negligence. The city government was slow at making vaccines available on site to NYCHA. During the pandemic, the repairs necessary for keeping residents safe were not made. As I said in a previous statement, NYCHA ignored warnings that poor ventilation in public housing would accelerate the spread of COVID-19, until after over a thousand residents had already died. During the height of the pandemic, NYCHA residents were disproportionately hospitalized compared to the rest of the city.” 

Rojas is joined in this view by Saundrea I. Coleman, Isaacs Houses resident, Co-Founder of the Holmes-Isaacs Coalition, the 1NYCHA Podcast and a member of Manhattan Community Board 8.  “The disturbing numbers was not a shock to me as the city finally released data of how Covid-19 ravished residents within NYCHA.” said Coleman. “Residents have fallen victim to willful neglect which is criminal from the New York City Housing Authority for decades.  The outcries have fell on deaf ears. Even with a federal monitor installed since 2019, tenants that live in the New York City Public Housing system are and have been in grave danger.  Covid-19 contractions and deaths where inevitable, as NYCHA is a breeding ground for all types of diseases. The local, state and federal government has done much of nothing to protect and preserve the populace of the largest public housing stock in the country.” 

Cathy Rojas says,”The lives of NYCHA residents, many of whom were deemed essential workers, are being thrown away because of unequal access to healthcare and proper ventilation. The fact is that many workers, especially many elders, died because our public healthcare and housing is not prioritized. Reallocate resources and funds to public health and housing! Put the lives of workers first, above all else!”