Leading Harlem City Council candidate, Kristin Richardson Jordan, endorses socialist mayoral candidate

Kristin Richardson Jordan, the Democratic City Council candidate in Central Harlem’s District 9, has endorsed Cathy Rojas, the socialist candidate on the ballot for New York City mayor. 

In the words of Kristin, “I am proud to endorse Cathy Rojas for mayor. She is the best mayoral candidate for Harlem and her policies are truly in service to Black liberation and in the vein of breaking systemic racism, white supremacy and patriarchy. She walks the talk.”

Kristin is a third-generation Harlemite with a long history of activism and service in Harlem. Fusing her priorities on people and service, Kristin believes in full employment, free quality education, free public education and prison abolition. If elected, Kristin would be the youngest Black woman and first openly LGBTQ person to hold office in District 9. An open socialist, Kristin’s campaign is deeply rooted in the Harlem community through mutual aid, women’s support meetings, park clean-ups, food giveaways as well as thoughtful and deliberate consciousness raising and movement work that builds the foundation for a protracted struggle for justice. 

Kristin and Cathy are both socialists looking to disrupt the NYC electoral arena. Both women understand, through their struggles as everyday New Yorkers, that the solutions and skills to transform society exist among the workers, the poor and the most vulnerable. They have first hand knowledge, through mutual aid organizing and teaching, of the potential that exists in our young people and neighborhoods that’s being held back due to lack of access to adequate health care, housing, quality jobs, and schools. 

Cathy Rojas says, “The media is excited to paint Adams as the great unifier among the Republican and Democratic elite. In reality, the ultra-rich gave him millions to ensure future favors and loyalty. The billionaires and millionaires are organized to maintain their power. We can have power too, if we get organized. That’s why I’m excited to join forces with a fellow socialist, Kristin, who with her history in organizing and commitment to movement work, inspires others to get organized and join the fight for a new society.”