NYPD: militarized fascists equipped with our tax dollars

A recent leak of records from the far-right militia, the Oath Keepers, revealed that several members are also employed with the NYPD. The group played a central role in the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. Mayor de Blasio stated that an “internal investigation” is happening.

Over the years, the Oath Keepers have become known for showing up decked out in arms to “protect businesses” at anti-racist protests, participate in events aimed to vilify Muslims, and organizing squads to monitor the border for undocumented immigrants.

George Joseph, one of the reporters involved in the investigation of the leak, said on Twitter: ”One of the names matches that of a veteran officer assigned to the NYPD’s Firearms & Tactics Section. When [WNYC reporter] Micah Loewinger called the number linked to him in the hacked data, he acknowledged he was an NYPD officer, but declined to confirm his relationship with the militia group.”

Joseph continued: “Another name in the data dump matches that of an officer in the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group, the department’s specialized unit that has drawn numerous brutality complaints from Black Lives Matter protesters.”

It’s not news to Black, Latino and poor communities across this city that the NYPD is fundamentally racist and a massive drain on public spending. According to the 2020 NYPD end-of-year enforcement report, almost 60% of “Stop, Question and Frisk” subjects were Black and 30% were Hispanic. Roughly 89% of arrests every year are for nonviolent offenses like loitering, fare evasion and theft. 

With the local news emphasizing shootings and violence to justify more police as the only answer to public safety, the Rojas campaign wants to focus on community-based solutions that are powered by people, and already exist. 

“How is it possible that we are funneling the tax dollars of hard-working New Yorkers to fund the paychecks, military grade equipment and overtime hours of white supremacists? Not only does the NYPD shoot now and ask questions later, but it’s also being touted as the only solution to New Yorkers public safety concerns,” says Cathy Rojas, the socialist candidate for mayor with the Party for Socialism and Liberation. “We know the NYPD is racist. Now we have proof police officers are in racist, white supremacist and violent organizations. New York City, a global cultural center, a city with millions of Black, Latino and Asian people, does not need to fund a racist police force.

“The racist NYPD does not need more money. The NYPD needs to stop harassing, shooting and terrorizing immigrants, Black youth, women, LGBTQ people. Our neighborhoods, schools, social service programs, mental health services, violence interruption programs and crisis managers need more money.” 

The Rojas campaign stands in solidarity with all victims of police brutality. The uprising for Black lives last summer inspired an anti-racist movement for justice that cannot fade into the past. We must continue fighting to demand an end to all racist police violence and release the excess funds of the NYPD to meet the needs of all New Yorkers.