Socialist mayoral candidate snubbed by corporate media’s mayoral debates

Join our speakout outside of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Wednesday 10/20 @ 7 pm

Electoral debates in the City of New York are a game of pay-to-play. If a campaign cannot raise hundreds of thousands of funds within a short amount of time, they are barred from the conversation, and New Yorkers lose out on hearing about policies they need and deserve. Billionaires and millionaires put forward their candidates, while candidates that represent working-class interests are effectively silenced. Cathy Rojas, the socialist candidate for mayor with the Party for Socialism and Liberation, cannot join the mayoral debates on the mainstream media because she doesn’t meet specific finance thresholds. 

Rojas says, “I’m working full-time while campaigning with a team of dedicated volunteers. Because we didn’t raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’m barred from the debates. In a society where money equals power and the media is necessary to get messages out to the most people, a person like me, a worker, isn’t taken seriously unless the ultra-rich support my message. This is outrageous. The working class also deserves to have their side represented in the debates! If the media truly cared about what the nurses, custodians, and line cooks cared about, they would like our side on that debate stage.” 

Amid the economic and healthcare disaster created before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, poor and working-class New Yorkers deserve to hear from campaigns that put them first— not Wall Street, real estate executives, or police unions. Denying the voices of workers denies the opportunity for discussion on worker’s issues such as housing, employment, over-policing, infrastructure, and taxing the rich. Cathy will be responding to debate questions in real time outside the debate venue to get a people-centered message out. 

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