Defund the Police and End Police Brutality

Defund the NYPD by $6 Billion dollars over the next three years and reallocate the funding into social services, such as violence interruption programming. Arrest the true criminals--Wall Street bankers, corporate thieves and racist killer cops! 

defund nypd

The problem

  • The NYPD does not protect and serve New Yorkers. According to the 2020 NYPD end-of-year enforcement report, almost 60% of “Stop, Question and Frisk” subjects were Black and 30% were Hispanic. The Black and Latino population in the city amounts to over 50%. So it is clear that racial profiling and racist assumptions drive the NYPD to stop Black and Brown men creating situations that frequently lead to violence and even death for the person being stopped. Over the last year, the media has emphasized the increase in shootings to justify the existence of a police force to protect us. Yet, data compiled from Mapping Police Violence shows crime in NYC is low while police violence remains high. When the police are called, they often make situations more dangerous, bloody and violent for those involved as well as for bystanders. Contrary to popular belief, police  solve only 2% of all major crimes. Are the police truly the best ones to handle escalating violence? The reality is that community-based methods do make a difference and have been underfunded for decades. Organizations composed of former gang members and long-time community organizers have for years done the work of interrupting violence and mentoring young people in healthy ways.
  • The NYPD drains our tax dollars but does nothing to keep crime down. They focus on  “quality of life” violations, a remnant left behind from former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s “broken windows” policing. This is the idea that a focus on possible petty infractions like fare-beating, being homeless, or selling loosies, prevents larger crimes. All that broken-windows policing, and the stop-question-frisk tactics used to enforce it, achieves is racist harassment and terrorism that resembles living under an occupation of the most militarized army in the world for Black and Brown people in this city. Using the justification of fighting terrorism, the $10 billion NYPD budget, our tax dollars, has armed the NYPD with the latest in weapons and surveillance, including a helicopter, the dog robot, and assault rifles. As the protests in the summer of 2020 showed, the weapons and surveillance are not used against terrorists but against civilian protests against racism.

Our Plan:

  • Defund the NYPD by $6 billion over the next three years. Roughly 89% of arrests every year are for nonviolent offenses like loitering, fare evasion, and theft. Our people need resources not jails. Even though violent crimes have actually gone down over the years, the amount of money spent on police continues to go up. For every dollar that goes to the NYPD and corrections, only 29 cents goes to homeless services, 25 cents to the department of health, 19 cents to housing preservation and development, 12 cents to youth and community development and 1 cent to workforce development. The over $10 billion spent on NYPD must be transferred to social services that will truly yield a decrease in crime. 
  • Fund violence interruption programming. In order to eliminate racist policing and prevent police harassment, unjust incarceration, sexual assault and murders at the hands of the NYPD, we need to fund social services and programs we know work. A study from 2017 in NYC on the effectiveness of violence interruption in NYC: 63% reduction in shootings and 37% reduction in gun injuries in South Bronx, 50% reduction in gun injuries in East New York.
  • Arrest the true criminals — Wall Street bankers and corporate thieves! If police worked for the best interests of the people they would have arrested the bankers that defrauded millions of people during the financial crisis. If police truly wanted to end drug dealing, why have they not arrested the Sackler family, who provided drugs to hundreds of thousands of people  creating an opioid epidemic in the country that led to the death of over 200,000 community members? It is because the criminal justice system is created to protect the interests of the wealthy, not to protect our communities.