#4 Cancel all rents and mortgages
#5 Guarantee quality housing for all
#6 Upgrade and protect NYC Housing Authority

Cancel rents and mortgages and forgive debts of renters and homeowners during the pandemic. Bail out the people, not the banks and corporations! Fight to make NYC a rent control city: prevent landlords from charging more than 20% of tenants’ household income, and restore former rent stabilized and controlled units. Seize vacant properties to create permanent affordable housing. House all homeless people. Provide full public funding for public housing. Make all necessary repairs and upgrades to public housing. End the privatization of public housing and land. 

housing is a right

The problem

  • For too long, wealthy real estate developers, and the investors and politicians who cater to them, have controlled our city. Working-class New Yorkers have been displaced and burdened by high rents and mortgage payments under a system that treats land and housing as a means for profit for the rich. The Coalition for the Homeless reports that in 2020, over 120,000 homeless people slept in the city shelter system; 40,000 of them were children. There are thousands more who sleep unsheltered on the streets and in subways and other public spaces in our city. Meanwhile, there are 250,000 units vacant and unused, including between one-fourth to one-half of the luxury units constructed in the last five years. While the eviction moratorium has been extended through the summer, that has not stopped over 50,000 eviction cases from being filed since the beginning of the pandemic, mostly in Black and Latino neighborhoods in the Bronx and Queens. The average tenant owes about $8,150 in back rent. 
  • In addition to the crisis brought on in the last year, gentrification, the systematic process of displacing and replacing poor residents with more affluent residents to raise rents, is an accepted and inevitable policy of a capitalist government. 
  • We believe housing is an essential human right that the government should provide, protect and guarantee for all its people. 

Our Plan:

We intend to organize the city economy around the interests and needs of poor and working New Yorkers, not ultrarich CEOs and bankers. Affordable housing will be a top priority for the Rojas administration. 

We aim to provide quality and affordable housing for every person in NYC by fighting to:

  • Make NYC a rent-control city where landlords cannot charge more than 20% of tenants’ household income.
  • Seize vacant and warehoused properties to create permanent affordable housing for families and individuals in need, including the thousands of homeless people living in the shelter system, the streets, or precarious temporary housing. 
  • End racist developer-led rezoning, which leads to negative impacts for our communities.
  • Restore rent-stabilized and rent-controlled units lost through vacancy decontrol. More than 300,000 units have been converted to market rate since vacancy decontrol was enacted in 1994.
  • Prevent more construction of luxury developments priced above the means of the community. Require more affordable units at existing developments. 
  • Stop all foreclosures and evictions. 
  • Cancel rent and mortgages throughout the pandemic. 
  • Provide full public funding for public housing. Make all necessary repairs and upgrades. Fight to repeal the Faircloth Amendment to construct new public housing and other social housing.
  • End all privatization of public housing and public land.
  • Prohibit financial incentives and backroom deals between politicians and developers.
  • Provide more housing to individuals who are disproportionately affected by poverty, gentrification and housing discrimination, such as people of color and immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, formerly incarcerated people, individuals with disabilities and mental illness, elderly people and low-income people. 
  • Take action against landlords for tenant-rights violations.