Provide jobs for all and small business relief

Use the city budget to create employment in NYC, and put pressure on the state and federal government to create employment and ensure a livable wage for all. Protect workers’ right to unionize. Create a comprehensive relief plan to provide $10,000 grants to small businesses that most need aid during the pandemic and prevent large corporations from taking that aid.


The problem

  • Most New Yorkers are not paid a living wage and do not have a job that covers the costs of their basic necessities. All New Yorkers should be able to afford basic necessities within an eight-hour work day. But we know this does not happen. Frequently, we must work two or three jobs and take out loans to pay for our daily necessities. Currently, the unemployment rate in NYC is close to 13% and the pandemic only exacerbated these difficulties. During the pandemic, America’s billionaires increased their profits by almost a trillion dollars, while the workers who created and power their corporations were dying, threatened with evictions, and faced food insecurity. Working people make the trains run, prepare the food, clean the streets and build the skyscrapers, so why should billionaires reap all the reward?

Our Plan:

  • We believe it is the government's responsibility to ensure employment to every person. We plan to use the city budget for this and put pressure on the state and federal government to create employment, and a livable wage to ensure New Yorkers have a dignified standard of living. 
  • We believe that all workers have the right to a union, regardless of their legal status. Workers’ rights should be protected through a collective bargaining agreement. The right to organize should be enforced in action, not only words. Unions increase the standard of living for all workers, even those without unions, protect benefits and job security, and are the first step toward creating worker power. 
  • We understand that small businesses have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to create a comprehensive relief plan that includes $10,000 grants to ensure that the businesses most in need of aid will have access to it. It will prevent millionaire and billionaire businesses from taking advantage of the aid. We will fight hard to ensure small businesses — the backbone of NYC — can survive.