Make the MTA free and public

Tax Wall Street to recover funds needed to repair and upgrade our public transit, increase accessibility and eliminate the fare entirely. Create more bus lanes, expand bus routes, upgrade buses and increase service. Make employers and corporations pay for congestion pricing. End all arrests and tickets for fare-beating. Fund crisis teams. Fight to make public transit truly public with an elected MTA board management.


The problem

  • Millions of people use New York City public transit every day. Most of those people are poor or working class and rely on the subway and buses to get them to work, school and medical appointments. They suffer the most when service is delayed or canceled, infrastructure is damaged, elevators do not work, fares increase, and police crack down on the public over fare evasion. 
  • The New York City public transit system is falling apart because it is controlled by banks, corporations and politicians. They are driven by greed and neglect our needs. They use the police to maintain control and criminalize poor people. 
  • The appointed MTA Board is made up of millionaires, who certainly do not ride the trains or buses themselves. They refuse to fight for a cancelation of the MTA’s whopping debt. As expected, they are more committed to protecting the banks and investors profiting from this transit crisis than the people who rely on public transit every day. 
  • Poor and working people are forced to pay for the poor planning and greed of these politicians, corporations and bankers. The MTA keeps raising its fares despite the reality that many people are struggling to pay. The city would rather spend money on stationing police in the subway to prevent fare evasion than to come up with solutions that could finally create a free, accessible, and fully functional public transit system for all. 
  • The public transit system should be truly public. There must be an upgraded and free transit system for the millions who need it. This is possible! We must stop all profiteering and racist policing. Make Wall Street pay and keep the cops out of the MTA!

Our Plan:

  • Create more bus lanes, expand bus routes, upgrade buses, and increase service. Buses are a lifeline in the city, especially outside Manhattan where the subway is not as easily accessible in working-class neighborhoods. Most bus riders are service workers, people of color and lower-income workers who do not need to travel to Manhattan for work. Many bus riders are also elderly and need accessibility accommodations. They deserve to have their needs met in a timely way. Making more bus lanes, expanding bus routes, and increasing the frequency of service to ease the burdensome commute times for the lowest-paid workers is a priority. This is an opportunity to upgrade buses to be environmentally friendly and make a rapid bus system that serves workers in the city, not the rich! 
  • Change how the MTA is funded with a new tax on Wall Street banks and corporations. These companies profit from the transit system — it gets their employees to work — but they contribute nothing to it. The workers bear all the burden of the system through fares. It is an unofficial tax on workers, essential workers. A new tax on Wall Street would recover the necessary funds to repair and upgrade the trains and buses for accessibility and eliminate the fare entirely.
  • End all arrests and tickets for fare -evasion. Get the NYPD out of the MTA! Instead, fund crisis teams who have experience de-escalating difficult situations without the use of force or violence. This will in turn create job opportunities for community members. 
  • Move forward with congestion pricing. Revenue from congestion pricing will be used to fund the MTA, specifically upgrading and expanding bus services for neighborhoods that have limited access to the subway. In addition, employers and corporations must pay the congestion pricing fares; the burden should not fall on the workers. This will set us on the path for environmental sustainability and prioritize the needs and services for low-income residents. 
  • Make “public transit” truly public. The MTA Board management should be directly elected. As of now, the board is appointed by politicians, a completely undemocratic process. Then they claim they cannot do anything about the board’s decisions. The books should be completely open so the people can see how the money is being spent. While this may be beyond the mayor’s purview, it speaks to the fact that a public utility should be owned and run by the public!